Nick Moran
Sales Director

Length of service: One year+

Handicap: 13

What do you enjoy about working at YGT?  
I particularly enjoying supporting and leading our sales team.  We have doubled the size of the team in the last few months are we all want the best for our customers. We are all passionate golfers and interested in travel and exploring new hotels, golf courses and cultures.  Also, every day is different; new enquiries, different challenges and talking to our customers about their No. 1 passion in life (outside of their family!)

What attracted you to work here?  
It's a great and developing brand. The sky is the limit in terms of what we can achieve and we share this vision.

How would you describe the culture at YGT?   
Great fun!  Sure, we work hard and there's pressure but we support one another to get the job done.  A pint on a Friday evening always goes down well.

Favourite YGT golf course and why?
That's such a tough question!  My favourite is obviously North Hants GC where I'm a member, but from a holiday point of view I've really enjoyed Dubai Creek, Royal Porthcawl and Trevose - a real gem of a place near Padstow, Cornwall as it's also near my favourite surfing beach.

Pet peeve? 
I dislike going to hotels where the packets of butter are still hard when you want to spread it on your toast!  I know that might seem a bit mad, but think about it... it's basic and an important detail.