Lina Elmaster
Sales Specialist, Europe

Length of service: Three months

Handicap: Scratch, former playing professional on the LET Access Series.

What do you enjoy about working at YGT?
First of all it combines two of my biggest interests; golf and travel. So far I haven't had a boring day at work, there is always something to do and I get to talk about golf and travel all day. To then also be able to both travel with work and getting encouraged to travel a lot on my spare time, makes it a great place to work for me.

What attracted you to work here?  
I guess it shows in my first answer. It gives me the possibility to stay in the golf industry and work with what I am interested in. I have both lived in, worked in and travelled to many of the countries and venues we work with so I felt I would enjoy it.

How would you describe the culture at YGT?
The culture is social and warm, everyone works very hard and help each other to do well. My team always have good laughs together and they are all fun to work with. I get the feeling that everyone really enjoys working here, which is great to see.

Favourite YGT golf course and why?
There are many great courses out there and difficult to choose just one, however I love playing golf with spectacular views, either up in the mountains or close to the sea. Teeth of the Dog at the Dominican Republic is a great course to play with some fantastic holes along the Oceanside and if it is windy it's a fun challenge for your game and strategy. It's cool to aim out in the ocean and then see the ball getting pushed back in and land on the green! Crans-sur-Sierre is another pearl. The views are breathtaking and the course is a beauty, and it's always nice to see the ball fly further than normal as well.

Pet peeve and interesting fact about you?
I have lived/studied/worked in seven different countries since I finished high school (Sweden, USA, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the UK.) and I'm always interested in exploring new cultures and learning a new language. Being a Swede I hate being late, otherwise I'm pretty easy going in general (except for when I'm hungry.)