Georgia Gilling
Customer Experience Agent

Length of service: One year 

Handicap: 3

What do you enjoy about working at YGT?
The people. Every department is full of great people who make your day - to - day so much better.  I also enjoy the aspect of working with different venues all over the world.

What attracted you to work here?
The golf aspect and the location. After spending as much time on golf courses as I have done in the past, it made sense to continue my life after university by gaining a career within this industry.

How would you describe the culture at YGT?
Fun and social!

Favourite YGT golf course and why?
King's Course, Gleneagles- what a beautiful part of the world! Stunning views, a lovely layout and 18 great holes.

Pet peeve?
When males presume that women don't know anything about golf!