Length of service: Two years

Handicap: non-player

What do you enjoy about working at YGT?
I love the teamwork within the flights department, we are all hands on and look out for one another, we have a great rapport.  It is great to be part of such a hard working, funny team. I love my job and that I am able to use my knowledge and skill to their full potential.  There is always a problem to solve, which is never boring or mundane.   No day is the same.  It does help having a supportive manager, who is always challenging me to reach my full potential.  

What attracted you to work here?
It’s a young company with a great future and its exciting to be part of this growth

How would you describe the culture at YGT?
In general I would say its a very relaxed and friendly environment. There are however a lot of different personalities which can be a challenge, but it does make the company a unique place to work for.

Favourite YGT golf course and why?
I do not actually play golf!

Pet peeve and interesting fact about you?
Biggest peeve would be that I really hate bad manners, you should treat people how you wish to be treated.  Not sure about interesting facts, I was born in Nairobi and came to the UK when I was four years old.